Tips- How To Make Letterheads

A beautiful letterhead is a perfect opportunity for you to market your business and increase its credibility and legitimacy. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to make letterheads for companies:

01 Optimising for Printing

Before you begin designing letterheads for companies, you must first set up your file to make it optimized for printing. The proper file setup makes sure that you get quality letterheads and other prints every time. You can also navigate for business cards printing

Use the right design tools to create your design. When setting up your design file, don’t forget to include a 3mm bleed and a 3mm margin. A bleed prevents the appearance of a thin white stripe at the edge of the page. A margin, on the other hand, prevents significant design elements from being cut off.

02 Get Back to Basics

The first things you need to include on your letterhead are your logo and company name. You can also choose to include your slogan or tagline. Putting these branding elements in your letterheads for companies will help increase brand recognition and visibility.

It is also necessary for you to include some of your business contact information in letterheads for companies. You can add your physical address, phone numbers, company website, email address, and even the company’s social media handles. 

03 Just Designs

One of the fundamental rules in creating letterheads for companies is to leave enough room for the content. While images and illustrations are a great addition to its design, they should not pull focus from the letter’s content.

Establishing a visual hierarchy is essential for designing letterheads and other marketing tools. Prioritizing specific elements in your design helps you catch people’s attention and communicate more effectively.