Choose Highly Effective Training for Learning and Development

If you want to offer highly effective training, leave the traditional methods and take the opportunity to learn and grow. Facilitators start with learners, not content, and are experts in various learning processes that are best suited for different learning styles.

An important prerequisite for highly effective learning is that less content is required by the trainer and more doing on the part of the learner. The facilitative trainer is as much concerned with how learning will happen as what will be learned. Facilitators also include online leadership training courses and programs & train-the-trainer training sessions.

The learning support approach uses creative exercises and experiments related to the learning topic to help learners stimulate themselves with ideas, concepts, guidelines, etc. It is the job of the facilitative trainer to provoke conversation and dialogue between learners to create a strong learning community.

By reflecting on and discussing experiences gained through practice or experimentation, participants can then reflect and explore how they will apply their training in the future. This is a very effective exercise because:

1) engaging;

2) interactive;

3) confirming learners' current level of knowledge;

4) facilitates education between and amongst learners rather than solely from the trainer.

Facilitators help learners identify and improve their current understanding of a topic and only then use content expertise to bridge the gap between the students' current situation and the learning outcomes they need.