Tips For Cleaning a Commercial Ice Machine

Ice machines are an essential part of any establishment but they're often overlooked.

Maintaining your ice machine clean should be a top priority in your maintenance plan. You can reduce breakdowns, code violations, and misshapen ice as well as the number of customers who are unhappy with your commercial ice machines. You can also look online for a commercial appliance repair in Los Angeles.

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How important is it to clean a commercial ice machine?

Commercial ice machines are prone to bacteria growth. Biofilm slime, the most frequent enemy of commercial ice machines, is their worst nightmare. This is not a problem for your basic cleaning. Equipment that is slimy. To get rid of it, you will need to use special chemicals, sanitization, deep cleaning, and a thorough vacuum.

Even though commercial ice machines are well maintained, bacteria and other contaminants can get into them. When limescale and calcium build-up, it can cause parts to wear faster and reduce the life expectancy of the ice machines. It can also affect the taste and appearance of the ice.

Gross ice makes for gross drinks. Dissatisfied customers are less likely than others to return to the store and are more likely to leave negative reviews online. Your customers don't want to be disappointed with your drinks. 

Ice machine You don't want to lose customers. Your ice machine will continue to taste great if you keep up with the cleaning and removal of biofilm slime and limescale.