Things to Make With Cookie Cutter Shapes in NZ

A kitchen cannot be complete without at least one or two Cookie Cutters. Your children will have fond memories of the wonderful times they had making and eating those cookies, even if they were burned. You can bring back those memories by making something with the cookie cutter shapes.

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Christmas tree decorations – Even if you don’t have a holiday theme for your cookie cutter, you can still create beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments using it. Take a photo of your children around the time they used these cutters. Place the cutter on top of the photo, centered to achieve the best result. 

Then trace around the cutter’s outside edge and cut the picture. Attach the picture by placing a small amount of glue around the cutter’s rim. Add a loop to the ornament hanger by wrapping ribbon around the cutter’s outside. 

Cookie cutter grapevine wreath – This activity will make a great family activity to do on a rainy day. All cookie cutters should be for the same “theme”. Next, gather several colors of sturdy cardstock that complement your theme. Draw the cookie cutter shapes on the paper and cut them out. Add a large ribbon bow to your wreath, and decorate it using your cookie cutter pieces. 

Make a hole in your shape and attach a piece of twine to the wreath. The Cookie Cutter wreath is beautiful in the kitchen. You can also hang it on your back door to impress your guests. This is a great way to display your cookie cutter collection.