How to choose the best lab-grown diamond company?

When you're looking to buy a diamond, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you. In this article, we'll outline the four factors you'll need to consider when choosing a diamond company. We'll also provide tips on how to ensure that you're getting the best quality diamonds possible.

Diamond Grading

Diamond grading is the process of determining the quality and purity of a diamond. It is based on the number, size, and shape of a diamond's natural flaws or inclusions. The three main categories are Carat weight (CT), Cut (CR), and Clarity (CL). Each category has its own set of standards that must be met in order to receive that grade. All categories are provided by the best lab-grown diamond company.

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Diamond clarity

When you're shopping for diamonds, it's important to know the clarity of the diamond. There are four grades of clarity for diamonds: SI1, SI2, I3, and VVS1. The higher the clarity grade, the more pieces of imperfections your diamond will have. 

Diamond cut

There are many factors to consider when choosing a diamond cut. Some of the most important factors include the height, depth, angles, and proportions of the facets on the diamond.

Diamond color grading

One of the most important things to consider when buying a lab-grown diamond is color. There are many different grading companies, and each has its own system for rating diamonds. Some companies use the GIA system, while others use the AGS or DSC systems. 

If you want to buy a yellow diamond, for example, you would want to choose a company that uses the GIA system. If you want to buy a blue diamond, you would want to choose a company that uses the AGS system.