Exterior Wall Cladding – Most Popular Types

The surface of the outer wall of the building forms the building envelope. These surfaces or components are usually referred to as cladding. The purpose of siding is to give the building a weather-resistant outer shell. The outer shell of the building shall be designed and applied in such a way that water accumulates in the upper cabinets and cavities. There are many different types, styles, and options for choosing materials for exterior wall cladding. You can also discover the quality exterior metal wall panels for industrial architecture in Chatham-Kent.

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Exterior siding includes:

1. Wooden products including hardboard, panels, tiles and shakers, plywood, boards, OSB, siding

2. Masonry products such as bricks, stone, simulated stone, cast concrete, concrete slabs and concrete blocks

3. Vinyl siding

4. Fiber cement coating

Each type of exterior wall cladding has different characteristics in terms of installation, durability, appearance and price differences. Factors to consider:

1. Weather Resistant – ability to withstand water, snow and wind

2. Strength – resistance to mechanical damage

3. Insulation value

The best wall coverings are highly resistant to wind, water, parasites and mechanical damage. The ideal exterior siding is inexpensive, easy to install, which reduces labor costs, provides excellent safety and aesthetics, has a long economic life and good insulation properties. Most siding and siding will not have all of the above qualities. It is important to plan your project so that it meets all of your considerations.

Very often, different types of exterior wall cladding are more dominant and popular in certain geographic areas. The type of exterior siding may be related to the availability of materials and labor at a given location, combined with the characteristics of the various wall surfaces.