Applying Enamel to Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Glass painting and decoration can be applied in several ways to fused glass jewelry. The use of lead-free opaque and transparent enamel powder is one of the major techniques used today.

Colors can be mixed which means a particularly wide palette of colors is available

They are not enamel in the usual sense but are particles of finely ground glass with a low melting point, which is then fired inside a glass fusing kiln so that the enamel will attach to the jewelry piece. If you want to purchase dichroic glass, you can pop over this website.

Care must be taken when handling glass enamel to ensure that particles are not inhaled as this can lead to serious lung disease. A respirator mask and good ventilation are strongly recommended when handling these powders.

Multiple firings may be required to produce different color layers and to fix the colors.

Enamel powder can be moistened by mixing it with water or an oil-based painting medium. Water-based media are easier to clean; Importantly, the medium leaves no residue after firing.

Fuse Master and Unique Glass Colors also produce excellent paints.

Paints come as low-fire or high-fire powder, kiln firing temperature can vary between different types and brands so you will want to check the manufacturers firing temperature.

Glass bead makers can roll their hot beads through enamel powder and pick up a color coat. Enamel powder can be mixed with a water-based medium and mixed with frit or glass powders and packaged in pate de Verre molds and then fired.

Some of these types of enamels are suitable for use on precious metal clay jewelry, especially blues and greens. Since silver is paint color, it can affect the colors that are stained on it.