Tooth Crown – Is This Treatment For You?

A dental crown is the restoration of a tooth that is damaged or cracked. It is designed to cover and protect the rest of your problem teeth. It is also called a cap by some dentists.

Tooth crowns or caps strengthen existing teeth and allow them to function like your natural, healthy teeth again. There are certain cases when a cap is recommended while there are situations when another dental solution will work better.

dental crown

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However, there are times when you may need a crown in addition to other dental procedures. You may need to attach a filling cap to cover the significant cavity of the tooth that is damaged. This is to strengthen the protection of your remaining natural teeth.

If you have lost an entire tooth, the dentist will usually need to place a titanium root implant at the site of your missing tooth. To complete the restoration process, he had to attach a dental crown to the implanted abutment. In addition, dental crowns are usually recommended to strengthen teeth after root canal treatment.

However, before making the decision to put a dental crown on your teeth, it's a good idea to consult a dentist carefully if you really need it. During the initial consultation, tell your dentist about your concerns about teeth so they can really figure out which solution is best for you. 

If used properly on a tooth and cared for properly, crowns can last up to 15 years. However, you need to make sure that you consult an expert so that it can be done accurately.

Reasons People Have A Dental Veneer Procedure

There are several different reasons why people could choose to have a dental veneer placed over their teeth. Only the dentist can tell you if these procedures will likely be beneficial in your situation. 

Listed here are a couple of the main reasons why folks choose a dental veneer procedure.

dental veneers

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When an individual has teeth that are extremely discolored they often do whatever they can to lighten them. People use dental whiteners which are available over the counter, and they go to the dentist to have their teeth professionally whitened.

Sometimes these items are used as protective coverings for a tooth. They're put into place to protect the natural teeth rather than to cover up the look of teeth that are natural. The dentist has to choose when this kind of security can be beneficial to your patient.

A dental veneer is chiefly used as a cosmetic improvement on the appearance of the teeth in an individual's mouth. They are usually utilized in the area of crowns and caps that were once very common. They are just placed on adult teeth and are not practical for the teeth of children and adolescents.

Since they cause some damage to the natural tooth they deserve careful consideration before you choose to have these items placed in your mouth. Talk with your dentist and get advice on whether you are a fantastic candidate for this process.