Positive Emotions Equal Productive Learning

Research over the years has shown that positive emotions such as happiness, contentment, trust, joy, and many other feelings of well-being have a positive effect on social behavior, memory, and learning.

Optimistic and positive emotions generate a sense of trust which enables a person to maintain an open attitude to opportunities and the desire to learn. By reading this article you can get the best information about build a healthier and wealthier workforce.

Positive Emotions Equal Productive Learning

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Happy thoughts seem to create excitement and direct behavior toward a goal. And when that happens, we are motivated to act. Our thoughts and feelings can greatly influence the motivation which gives us the drive or desire that compels us to do something.

I remember this article from a personality magazine I read many years ago. It's about automatic positive energy arising from our automatic positive thoughts. He also said something about Automatic Negative Thoughts and how ANTs can handle APE.

It just goes to show that the connection with what creates our "well-being" is something we need to consider as we walk the learning path. There are people with high IQs who don't do well at school or work. And we have to pay attention to that.

Since, despite the thousands of tip tips available online, the many learning enhancement programs we can buy on the market, the many training centers we can sign up for, and there may be something very simple that we might have missed our emotional state.