How To Teach the Lessons Of The Bible More Effectively?

To teach Bible studies can be an easy and difficult task: to be able to do it effectively, someone needs a particular tool that someone will do. You need a good tool in you and people outside you can present biblical truths in such a way that you convince your listeners that you deserve to become a teacher of God's Word.

In the first place, to teach is to show someone how to do something so they will be able to do it yourself. Whatever you want to bring to the knowledge of students or your listeners must be something you can do yourself. You can get knowledge of bc and ad timeline online at

Inspiring young people to read the Bible themselves

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Your personal lifestyle: teaching the Bible is not all about telling someone what you cannot do alone; Don't tell someone to do what you have never practiced. This tells someone what you know has done as spelled on the Word of God. You don't have to be a hypocrite: You will only teach the Bible effectively with the type of lifestyle you lead.

You can't be an effective teacher if you talk about not stealing but you steal. If you have to tell your students not to obey, you must be willing to obey your own authority. If you come out to teach based on what you can practice from the Word of God, you will become an effective Scriptures teacher.

The witness of the Holy Spirit: One other way to be able to teach Bible studies is more effective for you to depend on the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in John 14:26 "But the blanket, which is the Holy Spirit, which will be sent by the Father, he will teach you all the things, and bring everything on your remembrance, whatever I say to you".