Fascinating Facts About Slate Stone Tile

Slate is a simple stone, which in many instances is misunderstood with quartzite rock. Slate has slowly been making its appearance felt because of its color, material, and flexibility.

Even though a thick and compact material, the slate may be used for walls, floors, counters, and backsplashes, and lots of other jobs you can imagine. You can get the services of natural rock sealing if required.

The quality that interests the homeowners is that the slate's unique and cleft surface. The appearance that the stone has got is due to the way it's formed in the earth's crust over centuries.

To be accurate, slate is a metamorphic rock made from several layers of sedimentary clay, volcanic ash, and minerals. When the blocks of stone are quarried and processed, the rock tile gets its looks and cleft surface.

The stone gets its name from the color slate or grey. But it may come to you as a surprise it is not always gray. It may be black, rust, aluminum, gold, green, red, and even white and blue.

The color of this stone largely depends upon the color of the stone and the impurities inside.

Due to its exceptional substance, slate is often considered a flooring material for heavy traffic floors in commercial and residential.

However, as stated previously, it may also be used for walls, backsplashes, and accents in indoor and outdoor jobs.

Natural stones are always prone to staining. However, it's not true with slate stone tiles.