Facts About Waterproofing Basement

Whenever you have a wet basement, it becomes useless because you cannot take advantage of it as a living room. Worst of all, however, moisture can begin to slowly weaken the foundations of your home and even start to breed toxic mold. Many times, this situation is left unsolved because people usually want to create a room that people first look the most attractive. This is the overall error. After you read the facts below, you will probably agree with me wet basement should be your priority. There are some basement waterproofing Some facts:

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1. A wet basement can give way to extensive water damage.

2. It can be a cause for the foundation to weaken and even toxic mold.

3. The roof drainage is the number one cause of basement leak because it is able to collect more water is transferred to the sewers for disposal.

4. Properly sloping ground should slope away from the house so that excess rainwater does not run toward the house. Water ran towards the house only increases the chance that seeps into the foundation.

5. Waterproof Paint considered as waterproofing cheap tactics to be somewhat of a quick fix, but the basic truth is that when applied incorrectly, can wreak havoc with your basement humidity and only increase it.