Effective Online Event Community Management

The most significant characteristic of an active online community is to keep the conversation going; a community having no relevant content or dormant activities in it is almost equal to having no community at all.

To ensure that, one should keep creating new discussion threads on various topics and encourage members to post their uninhibited views and opinions on them. This enables an event organizer to get an insight into what its key customers and stakeholders are thinking about its company, business, or a recently organized event.

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Subtle promotion and minimum advertisement

It is true that the ultimate motto behind creating an online event community or becoming a part of a private community network is promoting a brand or an event, but even while doing so the tone should be kept subtle.

Any overt approach to promoting events or a business may adversely affect the image and spirit of a community and make it look too commercial.

Moreover, many online event communities allow the posting of advertisements to earn extra dollars to boost their return on investments. Although every individual today is used to an advertisement on some level, allowing too much of it comes in the way of free interaction in a community.

Frequent community polls

Conducting community polls on a regular basis works like a reality check for event organizers. They get a clear vision of what their target audiences want from them, what factors they expect to be prioritized during event planning, and what else they consider to be done for the betterment of the community. This also helps to build customer and member loyalty over a long-term period.