Do It Yourself Ping Pong Table Plans

Ping Pong or Table Tennis is a wildly enjoyable and challenging sport that will bring hours of entertainment to your loved ones. If you decide to purchase an outdoor ping pong table, you'll likely need to shell out at least $500 for a standard size table tennis table with decent quality. However, if you enjoy DIY projects, making your own ping-pong table could be a great project.

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If you choose to construct an individual table tennis set, first you require a solid plan. These plans should outline the equipment you'll require, all the equipment you require as well as instructions step-by-step for making your table. You can also decide if you would like tables with fold-up legs or prefer the table more permanently without legs.

Making your table tennis table on your own is an easy task for someone who is a professional woodworker. It is something even a skilled woodworker could easily accomplish. However, before you begin your work there are a few details you should know. 

A ping pong table that is in compliance with the ITTF regulations that meets the ITTF guidelines must measure 5 9' by 5'. There are plans available on the internet that instruct that you should use 4'x8 pieces of plywood. Beware of these plans.

Do it yourself and construct your own game table now. It's a fantastic idea to build with your child or teenager and will give them a lot of pride when they realize that they have built their table tennis table on their own.

 It will also show youngsters that they will be able to construct their own table tennis table when it comes to future tasks in life. After you have spent time creating your brand new ping pong table, get ready to have fun.