Dangers Of Using Crack Cocaine By Bipolar Patients

Crack cocaine is a form of crystal cocaine that is made from extracts of the coca leaf. It is responsible for numerous fatal overdose incidents. Crack cocaine is the most dangerous and potent form of cocaine. 

The fact that bipolar patients have a higher chance of abusing illicit substances like crack cocaine necessitates the need for dual diagnosis residential treatment. Many people with bipolar disorder (BD), unfortunately, tend to use crack cocaine and other illegal drugs for self-medicating. 

To make cocaine more addictive and potent, drug producers used baking powder and ammonia to mix the drug. According to research by the University of Maryland's Center for Substance Abuse Research, this type of cocaine is more dangerous than powdered cocaine due to the way it hits the brain. 

Bipolarity is characterized by a cycle of mood swings that can range from depression to mania, hypomania, and back again. 

Despite the fact that bipolar disorder is not as severe as it used to be, there are still many people who use drugs to relieve their pain. The most dangerous drug among all the drugs prescribed to psychiatric patients is cocaine.

The combination of substance abuse and mental health can often make the situation more complicated. This is because the people affected are not aware that they are using drugs or alcohol to get around their mental problems. Although the conditions may seem quite different, they are often interrelated.

Patients with psychiatric disorders have better odds of recovering if they avoid addictive behavior. There are many medications that can be used to control mood swings.