Cosmetic Dentistry: What It Is, How It Works

Cosmetic dentistry is the treatment of dental problems, both cosmetic and functional. It encompasses everything from Preventative Dentistry to Restorative Dentistry.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry 

Cosmetic dentistry can be broken down into two main categories: corrective and restorative. Corrective dentistry is focused on restoring teeth to their original appearance while restorative dentistry is focused on restoring teeth to their functions.

The most common treatments in cosmetic dentistry are veneers and fillings. Veneers are custom-made tooth replacements that are glued onto the front, bottom, or sides of your teeth. Fillings are simple solutions that are used to fill in spaces between your teeth. They can be made out of a variety of materials, including toothpaste, gels, and porcelain. You can look for affordable cosmetic dentistry in Bushwick via

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Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field that has come to be recognized for its ability to restore smiles and improve the appearance of teeth. The field of cosmetic dentistry has many benefits, including the following:

– Cosmetic dentistry can improve the looks of teeth by replacing missing or damaged teeth with artificial materials.

– Cosmetic dentistry can also correct aesthetic dental defects such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth.

– Cosmetic dentistry can provide a more natural appearance than traditional dental treatments.

– Cosmetic dentistry is a cost-effective treatment option that can be used to improve the overall appearance of a person’s smile.