A Closer Look At Invisible Wireless Charging – What You Need To Know

Many of you will remember the early days of wireless charging. Some of those chargers were only called 'wireless'. The actual charge they provided was so weak that it couldn't charge the few smartphones with Qi capability.

Modern Qi-operating wireless chargers such as the invisible wireless charger have made great strides in technology as they give a very Safe and Reliable Performance. The 10W charging it provides at 20cm should be a testimony to the high standards these chargers have reached.

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The Invisible Qi wireless charger is a cutting-edge technology that provides both range and consistency at a level that older models couldn't.

This is even more amazing because it's as close to an invisible wireless charger as you can get without having to make major changes to your desktop or workspace.

While many would be quick to dismiss modern wireless chargers as a fad or complicated devices, considering their compatibility with all Qi-compatible devices, it is worth looking at them more as a long-term investment.

You should think about this: almost all smartphones, including those from Samsung, Apple, and Sony, as well as Nokia, Huawei, and Sony phones, have Qi-charging capabilities.

Wireless chargers should blend in with the environment and provide a steady charge.

The invisible wireless charger can be hidden under the table to deliver 10W to almost any surface, provided it isn't made of metal.

The specially designed pad means that the invisible wireless charger heats up much faster than other chargers.