Use Soy Sauces To Enhance Food Flavor

Light vs dark soy sauce

There are two types of soy sauce, one for Japanese Shoyu and the other for Chinese. What are the differences between These soy sauces?

Lighter soy sauce is also lighter in color and has a thinner texture. It's usually saltier. Light soy sauce is often used in Cantonese cooking. You can also buy Yamasa soy sauce 8 at to enhance food taste.

Dark soy sauce has a thicker, sweeter flavor than its lighter counterpart. This soy sauce can be used to coat meats or add color to dishes.

Chinese soy sauces

Different styles of soy sauce, such as Chinese soya sauce, are available. They can be partially or completely chemically made using very little wheat or yeast.

While Japanese shoyu only contains 4 ingredients, Chinese soy sauces can contain at least 11-12 ingredients. 

The darker Chinese soy sauces are often made with caramel coloring E150. They can be thicker and have a sweet aftertaste. Lighter Chinese soy sauces may have higher salt levels than Japanese shoyu. They can also appear a little "muddy" due to their lack of transparency.

Does Soy Sauce Contain Alcohol?

Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Sauce has 2% alcohol per volume. Alcohol is not an ingredient. It is the result of natural fermentation, where the wheat starches are converted to sugars and a portion of that sugar is transformed into alcohol.

Kikkoman Tamari gluten-free soy sauce is the best option. It doesn't contain any wheat and has zero alcohol.