Types of Forests in Australia

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Australia isn’t just a country that has beaches. It is also the land of deserts, tundra, temperate areas, tropical areas and a number of ecosystems. Based on the number of ecosystem, you are also bound to find forest habitats leading to various types of forests. If you’re wondering what those forests are, these are a few types you will be finding in Australia.

  1. Rainforest – In several territories and states of Australia, you are bound to find rainforests. Some of the popular rainforests would be temperate rainforests of Tasmania, Daintree rainforests of Queensland, monsoon rainforests of Kakadu National Part, Gondwanan rainforests, and the dry rainforests of Kimberley region. The Gondwanan rainforests are home to some of the endangered species of plant and animal found on the eastern coast of the country.
  2. Melaleuca Forests – According to researchers, the Melaleuca forests are home to over 200 unique species of plants like honey myrtle, tea-trees etc. Moreover, this type of forest is known to be present on the northern region of the country covering of approximately 6.4million hectares where 84% of the forest is found in Queensland.
  3. Eucalypt Forests – This forest is home to roughly around 900 species of trees belonging to the Eucalypt plant family. These trees explain the characteristics of Australia making it as an important habitat for various species of animals along with indigenous communities. These people use the forest trees to make boats and weapons from the source of wood. Moreover, traditional medicine is made since the forest offers oils.

Based on the types of forests in Australia, you should also learn about forest assessments.