Three Easy Tips On How To Properly Transport Your Dog

As dogs become part of your family, there are instances in which you may want to bring them with you during travel, or when you may need to move elsewhere. 

Transporting your dog is not as easy as transporting your pet around the plane, but it is not overly complicated. You can find the best dog transport box from the various online sources.

Transport Your Dog

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Here are some tips on how to properly transport your dogs.

Choose the right sized animal container:- Make sure that your dog can move comfortably inside the container, with enough room to stand and sit straight, lie down and turn around the box while standing. 

If you have a small dog or cat, you do not need to fret about animal containers. They can accompany you to the cabin, or in the case of some airlines, they will be placed in a warm and ventilated place where they will comfortably stay away from other passengers.

Prepare your dog for traveling:- 

This would mean training it in its new environment and placing it inside an animal container, dog carrier, or kennel a few weeks before departure. This will ensure that your pets behave perfectly when taken inside a kennel or animal container.

Feeding:- The day before your flight, ensure that your dog has enough water to feed him. You must give your dog a light meal for two hours before you surrender your pet in front of the carrier.