The Superman Comic Books Saga

Superman began as a comic book hero. Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel created the character in 1933. Jerry Siegel was born in Cleveland in 1914. He was a huge fan of science fiction. Shuster was born in Toronto, Canada in 1914. He moved to Cleveland, where he met Siegel at school. They became fast friends and shared similar interests.

Together, they created the first Superman comic. Shuster was the artist and Siegel was the author. They finally convinced DC Comics to let them publish the Superman character after they got jobs. You can also buy the best superman comics (also known as ‘best superman-strips’ in Dutch language) online.

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It's interesting to see that the Superboy character on which Smallville is built actually arrived in 1945. We see Clark Kent's growth as a man, and how he lost his father. This was the last major event in his life before moving to Metropolis to take on the role of Superman. The DC Comics' powers have made it a point to redefine Superman’s origin and powers a few times over the years. 

Sometimes, long-time fans of the saga couldn't follow what was happening for a time. There are many contradictions in the comic, making it confusing and difficult to follow. Slowly, it was accepted by the public that every decade of Superman was a different version of the story, with different origins, and different outcomes. This was done to keep Superman fresh and current with modern technology.