Wonderful Sightseeings And Attractions In Zurich

Zurich is a very picturesque city where you can derive pleasure just from wandering the streets, particularly in the old town. For more information about the things to do in Zurich you can visit https://www.venezdiscover.com/zurich/.

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Lake Zurich

At the Quay Brucke, in the south of the city, the gentle River Limmat spills into Lake Zurich, against a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and forests. The invitingly azure waters of the lake are clean enough to swim in. 

Taking a boat trip gives a unique perspective on the city and the buildings that line the banks of the Limmat and is highly recommended to experience the natural beauty of Zurich's setting. 

Grossmunster Church

Zurich's largest church is an imposing edifice. The original church on the site was dedicated to the memory of Felix and Regula, two Christian martyrs who, so their grisly legend claims, carried their severed heads to the spot. 

Charlemagne's horse is said to have kneeled (or tripped) on their burial mound, causing his master to found the church. 


Another must for lovers of modern art – and that is not something you often say of a church. The magnificent stained glass windows of the Fraumunster are deservedly one of the highlights during your city breaks in Zurich, and most visitors take the time to come and see them during their stay. 

The Museum of art

The largest and most impressive of Zurich's art galleries, the Kunsthaus (Museum of Art) is often said to be the finest in the whole of Switzerland.