The Evolution of Playground Swing Sets

The swing sets were once a feature only of larger playgrounds. By comparison, the backyard swing that kids had at their homes was very small. These attractions are safer and more imaginative than older models. Semi-large playground equipment even finds its way into backyards in residential areas.

Swinging can be fun and a great form of exercise. To get more details about swing sets you may see it here.

Wood is now the standard

Modern families will likely recall playgrounds with a variety of metal swings, individual slides, and maybe even a carousel. Compared to the home swing sets they had in their backyards, these were much smaller and less sturdy. The main shapes of both types of play structures were similar, but that was only until recent times.

 swing sets

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Flexible Modular

Modern playground swing sets are smaller and more convenient than their residential counterparts. These swing sets won't have the same detached structures that they used to, such as the slides in one spot, the swings in the next, and the seesaw in the third.

Additional safety for parents

The focus in recent years on safety for playground swing sets has been clear. This is after many accidents with older sets. Manufacturers tried to soften the edges and make available sets that have more flexibility.

Children's swing sets now stand on cushioned surfaces made from recycled tires. The ultimate goal is to keep children as safe as possible while allowing them to have fun on swing sets outside.