Types of Machinery Seals in Slurry Pumps

There are many types of seals for the slurry pump. It is difficult to decide which one is best. Each type of sealing has its strengths and weaknesses. In this section, we will discuss the three main types of sealing.

The packing seal is what comes first. This seal is the most commonly used. The sealing function of this seal is accomplished by injecting pressurized water into the stuffing. This method prevents slurry leakage from the pump body.

The packing seal will be used for multi-stage pumps that are connected in series. The packing seal is simple to use, easy to maintain, and affordable. The impeller seal is the next type. The impeller seal can prevent your S series lined slurry pump from leaking by acting against the centrifugal force.

This seal can be used on either the single-stage or series multi-stage pumps if the positive pressure at the pump outlet is less than 10%. It is not necessary to use seal water or to dilute the solution. The sealing effect is excellent. This seal is recommended for use when the slurry cannot be diluted.

The machinery seal is the third type. This seal is used most often in situations that have high demands, such as the chemical and food industries. This mechanical seal isn't perfect because it can be difficult to repair and is expensive.