Secrets to More Commercial Sales and Leasing Listings

In commercial real estate today, all too often salespeople focus just on getting the sales listing and transaction as a single event. This approach limits both your success and ongoing market activity.

The most successful agents in the industry are highly involved in both leasing and sales at the same time. This then says that the true professional must be very conversant in both types of transactions and be prepared to act in both. You can also get the best commercial sales and property management service in Rosanna.

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Leasing is the major road to the future sales business. Leasing is a service that is commonly needed by most landlords at various times during the asset life cycle. This also says that salespeople must have a strong knowledge of leasing strategy and the benefits that leasing creates for assets.

The greatest way forward in developing a fresh commercial market identity or presence for your organization is to identify lease demands in addition to the usual sales opportunities.

In the short term, it is the lease requirements that will bring tangible benefits to the property owner. It is the lease requirements that increase the asset's value for eventual sale.

As a result of your lease activities, you may have a pipeline of sales listings. These leasing concepts have been broken down into a set of market benefits that you can use in your market.


It's worth noting that many commercial real estate investors go through a buy-and-sell cycle every five to seven years. Some investors will undoubtedly hold their houses for a longer period of time, while others may sell sooner.

However, the usual investor will either sell their home or explore buying another after 3 to 5 years, based on their existing portfolio ownership success.

Another observation is that between 3 and 5 years, many investors become tired of their existing assets, prompting them to seek additional diversification or a new investment challenge. This time issue is a huge driver of listings and a huge potential for agents and salespeople.