Choose Summer Swimming Pool Enclosure In Canada

Enjoy the benefits of summer sunshine all year round. Swimming pool enclosures are specifically designed to suit our climate. A leisure and healthy lifestyle can carry on right through the chilly months.

Enclosing your swimming pool in its own summer environment will ensure that the money you invested in your garden and swimming pool will be utilized instead of being idle for most of the year.

Healthy Lifestyle

With swimming pool enclosure your family and friends can enjoy your swimming pool in Summer-like conditions. Your home will become your personal leisure and health center.

Swimming and water sports are acknowledged as being ideal aerobic and non-impact activities. Keep your family fit and healthy while they have fun.

Environmental Control

A swimming pool cover enclosure ensures that you do not waste heat energy stored in the water from the sun or water heater. In addition to keeping the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature, the air temperature remains warm and free from draughts.

Purpose Made

The swimming pool cover enclosure is made up of a series of modular components that can be integrated to ensure that the pool enclosure can accommodate almost any pool shape, pool surround materials, and an adjoining building.

The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans.

Tips For Saving Energy For Pools And Hot Tubs

Top tips for saving energy for pools and hot tubs:

Upgrade your pool pump

In terms of swimming pools and hot tubs, pumps are the biggest energy consumers. When you upgrade to the latest pump technology, you can see a significant reduction in energy costs.

For example, if you are currently using a single speed pump for a barefoot spa or home pool, consider a variable speed pump. You can also use automatic retractable pool enclosure system to protect your pool and patio area in bad weather.

The variable speed pump offers better energy optimization as the pump speed is changed as needed. The variable speed pump also gives you better energy efficiency, especially if you have a complex water feature such as a fountain.

Wells and other water supply systems do not require as much energy as a normal circulating pool. So if you are using a variable speed pump you can change the speed of the pump.

Final thoughts

A few small changes can significantly lower your overall energy consumption and lower your energy costs.

There are upfront costs associated with investing in a new filter or pool pump. The total savings you get from this are well worth the investment.

Use these smart tips and enjoy the pool or hot tub without worrying about expensive energy bills.