5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances In Australia

Every kitchen should have a special gadget to make cooking faster and easier. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it is a great start for a well-prepared kitchen. Here are five must-have kitchen gadgets:

Mini hand blender (smoothie machine): Whether you're making smoothies, protein shakes, or mixed drinks, this kitchen appliance plays an essential role to work faster. Australia’s powerful portable blender is great for mixing sauces right in the pan, also they are inexpensive, small, light, and easy to clean.

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Blend full size: Sometimes you need a little more power than a mini-mixer allows. A full-size blender saves the day when it's time to break the ice or mix a larger quantity of drinks. They're great for soothing soups and sauces, and even chopping nuts and seeds for muesli and desserts.

Food processing/chopper: If you have a very sharp knife and want to use it, you probably don't need a food processor. Otherwise, processors make cutting large amounts of vegetables for salads and stews quicker and easier.

Slow cooker: Apart from the microwave, this is perhaps the most important tool in the kitchen. They are so flexible that their uses are practically unlimited.

Microwave: Microwaves are so common these days that it's hard to imagine a kitchen without a microwave. Even if the unit is small and cheap, it still has value in the kitchen. Frozen dinners, snacks and snacks, sandwiches, and side dishes are quickly cooked in the microwave.

If you prefer high-end equipment, you can choose one that is large enough to cook. They come with a probe, a delay timer and many additional functions that increase their convenience and functionality.