Mistakes That You Can Make While Doing Makeup

A massive mistake that a lot of people make while doing makeup is that they attempt to focus on everything at the same time. 

So, it's better to work on one thing one by one. You can also opt for Petiten ‘n Pretty kids makeup kits.

Firstly don’t forget to moisturize your face properly and if you are doing makeup for your teenage kid or a toddler for their school function you need to apply a good moisturizer before anything. For children, consider more soft and natural tones. 

Then start by applying base on the face and prep the skin with a concealer and foundation and then start working on your eyes. Usually, a few people start off with their eyes but it’s your choice totally.


Young girls are likely to possess beautiful, luminous skin so they don’t need a thick foundation, sometimes concealer is also enough for them. 

If you are looking for a subtle and elegant look always go for a brown eyeshadow, as it always makes you look fresh. Don’t forget to hide any mark or dark circles because they don’t look good.

And then apply blush and highlighter to make your skin look flawless and in the end apply good quality lipstick but don’t forget to apply lip liner before applying lipstick.

Try to create a simple and elegant look if you are doing makeup for the office, college, or school and don't do too much makeup.