Bad vs Good H2 Chemistry Education

There are countless scientific studies out there showing that learning has to be active to be effective. It is imperative that students are able to receive information, shape it in their minds, present it in a new format, and receive feedback to ensure that their understanding is correct. 

Therefore it is important to hire someone who can teach the student in very impressive and effective manners so that student can easily learn their difficult subjects like Chemistry. To know about hiring an experienced chemistry teacher in Singapore visit

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Exams are not very helpful input. When tests are given and graded, it is too late to tell students for the first time that their ideas are not quite correct. In contrast, the real function of a chemistry exam or other subject is to motivate students to study and provide a relatively objective method for reviewing training.

Fortunately, teaching chemistry was almost the opposite of the lessons I took as a student. There is an almost constant discussion, questions, and feedback in a lesson. This allows students to explore ideas and create understanding. This is a very effective way to gain real knowledge of challenging content and learn how to solve problems.

It is true that private education is usually one to one and therefore very difficult in comparison to large universities. However, there is evidence that large, well-structured classes can be very effective. In fact, lots of interesting research is being done to find more effective ways to teach chemistry.