What To Look For When Buying A Double Bunk Bed For Kids

Double bunk beds are perfect for kids' rooms as they double the space available. They are practical and a wise investment as they allow two children to sleep in one bed, and often provide additional facilities such as cupboards beneath the bed. They can be bought in a range of materials such as hardwood, metal and iron.

These double bunk beds as reviewed on choicemart.co.uk offer plenty of personal space, as well as extra storage space. They can be used for small children, teenagers and adults who have a lot of things to keep. Bunk beds not only transform the bedroom as it opens up an extensive floor space allowing you to dedicate different areas for each individual child such as putting a vanity area, desk area or even their own personal art or music space in the corner. This saves a lot of space, as you are able to use this personalised space for storing all your things.

When looking for double bunk beds, you will find that you can choose from a wide range of beds depending on what you are looking for. There are various sizes available, ranging from full, twin wide, to small single, and even king sized. The type of mattress you get will depend on what you get as there are many mattresses available including leather, air and innerspring. Most people prefer the innerspring mattresses as they are firm and comfortable.

When you are choosing double bunk beds for your children you need to take into consideration the age and size of your children. Younger children will need a firm mattress as they have a much lower body weight than older children and so cannot be afforded by soft mattresses. However, children of a younger age can be accommodated with a memory foam mattress which is ideal. There are also electric air mattresses as they are quite a bit cheaper than other models. Just remember to turn them off when your children have moved out!

Once you have decided on the type of mattress and on the size, you will be faced with the decision of the design and how much of the floor space will be used. Double bunk beds come in a variety of styles which enable you to add a number of drawers and storage spaces below or above the bed. Some double bunk beds for kids have open shelves which enable you to store toys or books in a child's room while they are sleeping. Others have open ceilings but only have storage spaces below.

Of course, if you want more storage spaces you may want a loft bed which has two levels. Some double size loft beds for kids are available in studios offering you two individual sleeping areas as well as a single adult bed area. You should also take into account the depth of the mattress and make sure it is suitable for the height of your little ones. Once you have thought about all these factors, you are now ready to purchase!