Diversity Recruitment – How to Recruit, Engage and Retain a Diverse Workforce

The population of the United States is undoubtedly diverse. In the last 20 years the proportion of women, immigrants, and people from various ethnic and cultural groups has increased rapidly. Fifty percent of the American workforce today comes from a different race or culture! In some areas of California, multicultural workers make up 70 percent of the workforce.

For governments and businesses to be competitive, innovative, and secure and retain market share, it is critical to recruit, engage, and retain a diverse workforce. Getting the best diversity hiring tools brings energy and creativity to the workforce.

The Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Survey

An inclusive environment where people, regardless of their cultural background, feel valued and integrated into the company's mission and vision, leading to higher productivity. The diversity dimension is used by governments and companies as a resource for success and growth.

To create multiple candidates, companies need to go where the candidates are.

Historically, colleges have had many women and people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

Career days in middle and high school with different ethnic backgrounds is another way to discuss the benefits of work for your company and industry – to get people interested in the field before they go to college.

Suppliers and suppliers who maintain diversity need to be encouraged and are likely to help create a steady number of highly skilled and diverse applicants.

An internal system that notifies employees of vacancies will help disseminate information and attract new candidates. The hiring process should be streamlined to encourage future new hires.