Is Axe Throwing Has Brought Team Building To An All-new Degree?

As one of the favorite modern bar games and sports among the younger generation. Axe throwing has spread steadily throughout North America and other areas of the country. Paintball USA is a well-known place for playing axe throwing in Lancaster CA. Book your appointment via

How We Started A $1M Axe-Throwing Party Business - Starter Story

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With hundreds of venues directly devoted to axe throwing all over the world, it is poised to continue to expand and remain a common game for many years to come. 

Keep reading to know exactly what axe throwing is, some of the fundamental rules, how to carry and throw an axe, tips, tricks, and some of the axe throwing games that are more common. 

What is the Tossing of Axes? 

Axe throwing, similar to darts, is a competition in which the player throws an axe at a goal, aiming to hit a bullseye as near as possible. The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is the governing body for the sport of axe throwing. 

How To Throw An Axe- Before trying to throw the axe, check that the area surrounding you and the target is clear of pedestrians. That implies, when others are by the target or walking towards it you should not throw an axe. The key is: "throw together, reclaim together."