Symptoms And Treatment Of Gum Disease

Maintaining good oral health is crucial to avoiding complications like having bad breath or more serious gum disease. Having a healthy set of gums and teeth can benefit you in the aspect of beauty and self-esteem.

Of course having infected unhealthy gums, yellowish teeth or an incomplete smile is unattractive. Low self-confidence is a result of poor oral health and it can create social phobias. Hence, you can get the treatment of gum disease whenever needed nearby.

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By taking care of your gum's health, you will more than likely avoid more complex periodontal diseases such as aggressive periodontitis.

What does a healthy set of gums should look like?

One of the manifestations of a healthy set of gums is the color. The gums should be pink and firm. A healthy set of gums' has a consistent coral pink look.

The color may vary based upon your individual pigmentation but the uniformity of color is a common characteristic of healthy gums. The appearance should have a scalloped shape around each tooth and should be firm with defined gingival margins.

What are some symptoms of gum disease?

Unhealthy gums begin to take on a puffy look with a reddening inflamed appearance. Swollen gums that are sensitive to temperatures and touch can be good indicators that you are beginning with a mild case of Gingivitis.

How Can Gum Disease be treated?

The dental treatment for gum disease is pretty standard throughout the dental community. A dental practice for example should approach the gum treatment the same way an oral surgeon in Philadelphia would handle the challenge.