Smart Locks for the 21st Century Homeowner

Have you ever had dinner or watched a movie with your friends and guessed if you locked the door? You may be in bed and sleeping, but suddenly you wake up wondering if you locked the door. Have you ever lost your keys or have they been stolen and have to replace your keys?

You may have experienced, as you often do when the door is locked, you are outside, and the door is closed; Key to your house. You can also buy zwave locks via

You may have to enter your own home or wait for someone with an extra set of keys to let you go. If the scenario above has occurred, or may still be, you are living in a past where locks were important.

Today, new technologies allow us to have better control over the entrances to our homes. A lock with a smart key is not required. The key is fully supported by a number keypad which can be accessed from a smartphone.

In essence, this means that no matter where you are, you can access your home as long as you have the internet. You can lie in bed and lock or unlock all the doors in your home. Can you have dinner and wonder if my door is locked?

You can lock the door by simply reaching for your cell phone and giving an order. Even better, the doors can always be locked and only those who can enter have the code, or someone in the house will have to open the door or open it with an opener or your phone.

With a smart lock, you can even program your phone to notify you when someone walks into your house. By assigning different codes to people like your child, you can see when they enter the house, right from the bedroom, or even when you are at work.

In essence, this system takes you from the past to the future of technology.