Side Effects Of Baby Food Heavy Metals

Some of the most popular baby food products were found to contain dangerous heavy metals. A wide range of baby foods, including teething biscuits, rice cereal, pureed vegetable, and meat products, has been found to contain dangerous levels of arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and lead. 

A congressional investigation has revealed that most baby foods are high in toxic heavy metals. However, manufacturers have not taken any steps to warn their customers or reduce the toxicity. Lawyers at who handle heavy metal baby foods lawsuits believe that parents and their children may be entitled to significant compensation if they have suffered from any side effects from heavy metallic baby food.

All commercial baby foods had varying levels of arsenic and cadmium. These metals are toxic to all ages of life but pose a risk to children in their earliest years of development.

Baby foods contain heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium. According to the congressional report, exposure to these substances can cause irreversible and serious brain damage, even at low levels. The following are documented side effects of heavy metals found in baby food:

  • Lower IQ
  • Cognitive development has been compromised
  • Damage to the central nervous systems
  • Reduced fine and gross motor skills (especially for boys)
  • Increasing levels of autism and ADHD
  • Behavioral problems

In rare cases, the FDA fails to prevent heavy metal contamination in baby food products. The FDA's only standard for heavy metals is 100ppb arsenic rice cereal. Critics claim this level is too high to ensure safety. Further investigation revealed that many baby food companies have set their own allowable limits higher than the FDA. They then disregard their own standards and sell baby foods contaminated with heavy metals.