Regular HVAC Maintenance Will Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Shape

Although homeowners rely on heating and air conditioning systems to keep their homes comfortable year-round, many neglect regular maintenance and modernization. They just hope their HVAC system works when they need it without cleaning, adjusting, or paying attention to it. 

And if the stove stops working in mid-January or the air conditioner fails in a 100° heatwave, these carefree homeowners are stuck. The best way to avoid emergency problems with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Burlington NC is to have it serviced by a professional HVAC company on a regular basis. 

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Regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs will help your heating and cooling system last a long time and keep you and your family healthy and comfortable, regardless of the outside temperature!

Annual maintenance of air conditioners is recommended by most manufacturers. This routine maintenance identifies serious problems and checks coolant levels, condenser efficiency and other performance related areas to keep your air conditioner in top condition. This maintenance is required for all types of air conditioning systems, from heat pumps to traditional refrigeration equipment.

A common problem with air conditioning systems is size. Not all homes have central air conditioning or a properly sized exhaust duct to carry cool air throughout the house. Both of these problems can cause your air conditioner to overwork, creating road problems. Before installing, make sure the new air conditioner or drain is the correct size, or have the air conditioner inspect your current system for an appropriate scale.