Protein – What Is This Stuff?

We all need a certain amount of food every day to support our bodies. Our diet consists of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Now, on a low-carb diet, we have to compensate for the decrease in the intake of foods that are usually full of carbohydrates, and we only have two choices where we can get our extra nutritional needs: fat or protein. 

We don't want to consume too much fat, so we need to find protein to get the extra food we need.  There are some companies that provide a wide range of mouse, human, and rat recombinant proteins, which include cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and many more. You can click over here to know about these proteins.

We get protein from beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes such as black beans and lentils. As you can see, there are not many vegetables that provide us with the necessary protein, so vegetarians need to make very careful food choices. Personally, I'm not a vegetarian so I can get all of my protein from the animal products I eat. 

I really like nuts and various legumes, but they also contain carbohydrates, so I have to be careful when I eat. My goal is not to eat more than 20 g of carbohydrates per day. If I did, I would lose weight all the time.

Our bodies need protein. We can't live without it. Protein is essential for the repair of our muscle tissue and organs, and is essential for the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the part of our red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen to all of our cells. Without it we die. Hope you saw how important protein is in our diet.