Information about Green Jobs Programs for Veterans

Although there are many businesses that actively hire veterans, looking for work in this economy is still difficult, especially among most veterans. Part of the problem lies in the myth that most of the military veterans who do not have special skills are only suitable for certain types of work.

This finally leads to veterans pursuing certain job openings, such as security jobs, while ignoring others, such as accounting or some type of white-collar work. You can consider one of the green job programs that are DOD skill bridge a program for transitioning veterans to civilian life.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking is one reason that prevents veterans from looking for meaningful work and career, and among the most frequently ignored jobs by veterans is green work.

Believe it or not, “green” work is very suitable for veterans for various reasons. For starters, green jobs involve a lot of outside and technical work, some of them are similar to several tasks carried out by many veterans when they are still in the military.

In fact, many green jobs are very suitable to help the transition military personnel back to civil life by allowing them to work in areas similar to military work. This is done with the help of a special program designed to provide veteran training and certification they need to succeed in eco-conservation and other related fields.

  • How does a Veteran file a green job?

Before a veteran can start applying for green jobs, he must undergo a green or conservation training program. Most programs only need evidence that their applicants work for the US military.