Few Tips in Installing Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System

Here are some basic options for lawn sprinkler systems. Your choice will depend on how big your lawn is, what soil you use, and how your garden layout looks.

You can also choose a good guide from reputable companies like Twilightsolutions for lawn sprinkler installation.

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Stationary lawn sprinklers work best for small gardens or lawns and are usually very affordable. The sprinkler's top holes will also affect the coverage. Revolving sprinklers, also known as rotary sprinklers, have spinning arms. However, this type is not recommended for sandy or sloped areas because it can have a lower throw radius.

Oscillating models are also available, which offer great coverage for watering. These sprinklers are popular because they can be adjusted to cover large areas. Pulsating sprinklers can also be used to distribute water to large areas. 

An in-ground sprinkler system is also available. This allows for uniform water distribution and can be used for large areas. It can be programmed to water on a regular basis. 

Here are some considerations to make your lawn sprinkler system your own.

Plan your sprinkler system. Make sure to have a map showing the gas and water lines in your yard. This will allow you to avoid damaging your lines and gas pipes while installing your lawn sprinkler.

Find out the water pressure and flow rate from your water source. This will allow you to determine the best sprinkler head for your lawn. Your water pressure is a major factor in the design of your sprinkler system.

You need to know how far apart your sprinklers should be placed in your yard. This will allow you to plan where you want to water.