Chat Bots: Advanced Customer Service Tools For Facebook

Nowadays, when we talk about Internet marketing and business promotion, a lot of people would immediately think of marketing a product or service via an online chat, or a voice chat. These two methods are often used by different businesses because they allow users to have real conversations with each other that could lead to establishing long-term relationships. A website chatbot, on the other hand, is basically a program designed to perform an online chat activity, similar to those that are used on chat rooms over the internet, but with the difference of allowing users to interact using preset pre-programmed responses. This then allows them to communicate in a more natural way, rather than simply transmitting monotonous messages like texts and emails.

This new online chat bot is called the convolution server. What it does is it targets particular keywords and related phrases and stores all this information for analysis. Through the use of sophisticated machine learning techniques and association rules, the chatbot can understand and extract key elements from each conversation that it captures. One example of one of these key elements are the sentiment analysis that the chatbot performs. Through this, the chatbot can tell if a certain message was positive or negative, and if the sentiment was real or artificial. It also analyzes the amount of times the keyword was used during the conversation, and compares this to the total number of times that the same keyword has been used in the past.

Another technology that the chatbot can incorporate into its technology is MLQi. MLQi is the artificial intelligence system that enables the chatbot to adjust and fine tune the message based on the actual conversations that are taking place. The goal of this system is to capture all the relevant information from the chatroom conversation and convert this data into hard-copy and soft-copy forms, which then can be further used for business functions. For instance, if a customer wants to get hold of a service that is located in New York City, the chatbot will be able to use MLQi to make a search based on the city's zip code. Based on the information it receives from the customer's request, the chatbot will then assign a reference number to that customer which will in turn be stored in the server.

To ensure that the chatbot will work effectively in any messaging platforms, Facebook has integrated its bot with its social media platform. Through the messaging apps, users will be able to access all their chatbot's features. Users will also be able to chat with their friends, send group messages, create news feeds, post comments and share files. All these features and more can be accessed and used by the Facebook chat bots.

The two main technologies that make up the Chat Bots are the artificial intelligence and the MLQi systems. The artificial intelligence system allows the chatbot to receive data feed from different websites. This information is often used to preform pre-querying queries that the bot will use when performing the functions. MLQi is an innovative MLQi system that uses real language processing. This system allows the chatbot to easily understand and execute various tasks without requiring the user to type in each and every step.

Both of these technologies will allow chat bots to perform many functions that will make it easier for the chatbot to perform its functions. Since the artificial intelligence and MLQi technologies will allow the chatbot to easily execute any task that is requested by the user, this will give birth to advanced customer service bots. Such advanced robots will be able to understand common questions that customers commonly ask and preform appropriate replies based on the information that they have gathered. The use of such advanced customer service bots will surely improve Facebook's popularity among its users.

The technology that makes website chatbot work is already present in the world of IT and communication technology. Through the integration of the two technologies, chatbots will become more capable and efficient than ever before. A lot of companies are already using such chat Bots as virtual assistants. Some companies even have their own chat bots that are assigned to certain departments such as customer care, human resources, or marketing.

Users of Facebook chat Bots will also benefit from these advanced chatting assistants. As more people start using such chat bots, more businesses will find it more convenient to outsource the functions that are left idle by assistants that are often used by Facebook users. Chatbots that are often used by Facebook users are actually very advanced, intelligent, and useful conversational interface machines. Through the use of artificial intelligence, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and MLQi technologies, chatbots are now becoming the best way to provide assistance to humans, especially those users who are not technically inclined.