Awnings For Your Patio, Deck Or Balcony

Awnings are the original air conditioner. They act as an extra roof or cover, keeping intense sunlight and warmth outside in indoor and outdoor areas. Once installed, outdoor awnings can even lower your energy bill so you can find out why they are a popular choice in households.

Automatic Awnings

Automatic retractable awnings are one of the most popular outdoor awning systems you can buy because of their stylish design and ease of use. Once installed, these awnings provide excellent light and temperature control. 

retractable outdoor awnings,

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Folding awnings

Hand foldable canopy, also known as a retractable canopy, is ideal for expanding your outdoor living space. This type of canopy attaches to the side of your house and can be stretched or folded at any time.

The foldable hand canopy is ideal for outdoor living spaces such as terraces, patio, or balconies and provides outdoor sun or rain protection to enhance your outdoor living space. 

The foldable hand canopy is also a practical way to regulate the heat in your home. When you have awnings in your windows, up to 70% of the heat reflects off your windows, reducing your home's electronic cooling needs in warmer months.

One of the main advantages of this awning is that it is extremely durable. Most other awnings are exposed to the elements, which can wear out over time. Luckily, with a folding tent, you can fold it up to make sure it's protected from damage from strong winds or heavy rain.