Automatic Solar Pool Covers

It is a good idea to always maintain the cleanliness of your pool – make sure that you give it enough attention, and also make sure you can keep it clean. One way to maintain this level of cleanliness without having to spend too much time on it is by getting a solar pool cover. You might be surprised at how well this type of product works!

What is an Automatic Solar Pool Cover?

An automatic solar pool cover is a piece of equipment that helps protect your pool from sun damage. It automatically closes when the pool is in the shade and opens when the pool is in the sun. This helps to prevent water from evaporating and changing the salt level, which can cause algae to form.

automatic solar pool cover

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Advantages of an Automatic Solar Pool Cover

If you're considering installing a solar pool cover, there are plenty of benefits to consider. Here are a few them: 

Save Money on Pool Maintenance

Solar pool covers automatically adjust their coverage to keep your pool water warm all day long, eliminating the need for you to constantly monitor the temperature. This saves you time and money on pool maintenance costs.

Protect Your Investment

A solar pool cover protects your investment in your pool from weather damage. If your pool is covered, there's less risk of wind or rain injuring it, and you don't have to worry about leaves, debris, or other debris clogging up the filter basket or causing damage to the pump system.