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  5. I made a Supra for the track. The results were okay.
  6. Yes. Your average souped-up 240 with a WW bodykit and an LSX.
  7. Why did I make this again? anyway I'll probably make more shitpost cars like this pls no sue
  8. Version 1.0.4


    Used to calibrate and or read values being outputted by the wheel, as long as Direct Input can read your wheel then in theory it should work. Device compatibility is limited to Logitech's SDK and is not under control of CloudWeight Studios, please understand this means if your wheel is not supported by this program then it is highly likely your wheel will not work on any game. When reporting back please take screenshots after using Init() and play with every effect to make sure the Logitech SDK is picking up all input's and effects.
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  10. © CloudWeight Studios (2017/2018)

  11. oh ok, cheers
  12. another one
  13. Feels good!
  14. Instead of screenshotting the screenshot, open the screenshot in the browser and save the image! ^^
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  21. Oh my damn, if this is the amount of customisation in 0.3, imagine the content we could get in the future
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